Rapid Crush, Inc. Announces They’re Developing A Case Study Of Their Record-Breaking Affiliate Launch

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In A Tell-all Case Study, The Florida-based Marketing Company Will Reveal All The Details About Their Record-Breaking Launch Where They Sold $57 Million Worth Of Crypto Education

Nokomis, FL – March 3, 2022 – Rapid Crush, Inc. has announced that they are currently in development of a comprehensive case study about their most recent launch which broke affiliate marketing world records. The company published and launched Dan Hollings’ (of movie “The Secret” fame) crypto education course, “The Plan” – and generated $57,914,510 in sales, further cementing Rapid Crush Inc. ‘s reputation as digital marketing and launch experts. 

“We established very early in the process that if we were to have a successful launch, we’re going to rely on our customer-first strategy and let that drive the innovations on both the tech and the marketing side,” said Wilson Mattos, CEO of Rapid Crush, Inc. “I think anyone who reads the case study we’re preparing is going to get a lot of game-changing, data-driven insights”. 

“Working with Rapid Crush, Inc. on the launch of “The Plan” has been nothing short of amazing. The level of tech innovation and customer support surely has to have other companies scrambling to catch up – I’ve never seen such a smooth affiliate experience ever”, said Joe Affiliate, CEO of Huge Affiliate Marketing Name. 

“Almost every huge launch has a fair share of its problems – which is why it was so refreshing to see a launch that went so smoothly”, said Jane Affiliate, CEO of Something Something. 

Rapid Crush, Inc. says that the case study is currently in preparation, because “it takes some time to gather and analyze all the data when it comes to launches of this magnitude”, per CEO Wilson Mattos. It will be available for download at a special link, but anyone can go to [LINK] and sign up to receive it in their email once it’s ready. 

  • The company has been able to share some of the data right away. For example, the product and the marketing message has been fine-tuned over a period of time by starting to sell the product very early in the lifecycle. The first sale of a beta-version happened in May 28th, 2021 – and by constantly improving the tech, the marketing, and the product, the company was able to generate $25,015,842 in billable revenue in December, 2021 when the launch took place. Total billable revenue to date reaches $57,914,510.  
  • Crypto slowdown in December 2021 had no effect on the launch, showing that a properly executed strategy is very secure against market trends.
  • 6.42% of promotion leads were converted into customers, and the more touch points a lead had, the higher the earnings per lead got, culminating in $1,045.08 per attendee for the last event. 

Company promises to reveal many more interesting stats and insights gained from this launch and invites everyone who is interested to sign up to receive the case study when it’s ready [LINK: here]

Rapid Crush, Inc will launch The Plan again in April 2022.  Affiliates can contact support@rapidcrush.com for details on how to participate in the promotion.

About Rapid Crush, Inc.

Rapid Crush, Inc. is a digital marketing, sales conversion, and launch strategy powerhouse with operations and customers worldwide. RCI was founded by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos in 2011, and has its main headquarters in Nokomis, Florida.