This CWE PRACTICE EXAM will allow you to gauge your basic knowledge of the RAPIDCRUSH webinar methodology and sales model.  As this is a free study tool, please note that the questions on the CWE PRACTICE EXAM do not have the same level of difficulty as the certification assessment. They do however provide great practice and a safe place to test your skills.

You may take the CWE PRACTICE EXAM as frequently as you like.  At the conclusion of each exam, you will be asked to provide your name and email address.  We will email you your results, and should you not attain a passing score of 80% correct (or better) we will also include some suggested study guidelines.

Passing the CWE PRACTICE EXAM, your personal working experience, self-study, and knowledge of the Rapid Crush webinar methodology and sales model will help prepare you for our challenging professional level assessment and certification.